Texas Senator Dr. Donna Campbell: Good vs. Evil

This is a fundamental right that makes our families safer, and you have my promise to fight in the Legislature to defend our Constitution, remove gun free zones that only disarm the good guys, and strengthen the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Texans.

Texas Senator Dr. Donna Campbell: Good vs. Evil

The following is republished from Senator Donna Campbell’s newsletter. From Wikipedia: Donna Sue Burrows Campbell is the 25th District member of the Texas Senate. On July 31, 2012, she became the first person in Texas history to defeat an incumbent Republican senator.

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Dear Friend,

This newsletter is usually a recap of district news and legislative happenings over the past week, but what occurred early Sunday morning in Orlando changed that. Instead, I want to take this opportunity to pray for the victims and their families. I ask God to please hold those who lost loved ones in his comforting embrace.

What happened in Orlando was more than a tragedy. It was an act of evil perpetrated by a radical Islamic terrorist with a history of making violent threats who had been investigated by the FBI. The perpetrator pledged his loyalty to ISIS and ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

We diminish our ability to fight evil when we fail to acknowledge its existence. Radical Islam breeds hate, threatens our freedom, and encourages violent jihad against innocent civilians. In Boston, Chattanooga, Fort Hood, San Bernardino, Orlando, and around the world, the face of the enemy is clear.

Unfortunately, President Obama has refused to identify the enemy and instead focuses his efforts on stripping away the rights of Americans who would fight such evil. What could have been a unifying moment for our nation against a common enemy seeking to destroy our way of life is now fading.

Rather than putting ISIS on defense, the president and his party have put law-abiding citizens on defense by threatening our constitutional rights, including the right to due process and to bear arms. Such an assault on the U.S. Constitution is completely unacceptable.

If President Obama and certain members of Congress get their way, fewer honest, liberty-loving Americans will be armed or have a chance to protect themselves the next time there is a similar attack. Is this not the exact outcome that the enemy hopes for?

There is not one gun law that would have prevented this evil act from occurring. Terrorists who intend to inflict terror aren’t deterred by gun laws or gun-free zones.

The quickest, most effective way to stop a bad guy with a gun is still a good guy or gal with a gun. If just one unarmed patron in that nightclub would have been able to legally carry a concealed handgun, imagine the lives that could have been saved.

We cannot allow the citizens of this great nation to forfeit their natural right to self-defense. We cannot allow ourselves to be the target of anti-liberty legislation that leaves us more vulnerable to attacks by a president who has been absent when it comes to defending us against radical Islam.

Just last week, activist judges on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled absurdly – especially after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino – that there is no constitutional right to carry a handgun for personal protection outside the home. While this ruling only affects California, it clearly contradicts the U.S. Supreme Court’s Heller decision and the plain language of the Second Amendment, which states “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” 

Men and women of all backgrounds and faiths choose to keep and bear arms in order to defend themselves, their loved ones, and the innocent lives around them. This is a fundamental right that makes our families safer, and you have my promise to fight in the Legislature to defend our Constitution, remove gun free zones that only disarm the good guys, and strengthen the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Texans.

You can count on me – especially in the face of evil – to continue to stand strong for God, country, and liberty. May you have a blessed and safe Father’s Day!

God Bless Texas,


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