Tharp: Women and Children Don’t Need our Protection, But Crossdressers Do?

It is time to put the comfort and safety of our families first and return to common-sense policies that have served us well for centuries. Let's close the door on this radical notion of allowing men in ladies rooms.

By J. Allen Tharp

By J. Allen Tharp

Women and children don’t need our protection, but crossdressers do?

Liberals love to create solutions for nonexistent problems, and those solutions usually involve imposing their views on others and wasting lots of other people’s tax money solving problems that only exist in the minds of the radical social-justice activists. 

First, we were exhorted to “invest” billions of dollars or all of our coastal cities would be under water and the ice caps would be melted by 2014 if we didn’t take “immediate and decisive action” against man-made climate warming. Although all of that turned out to be total bunk, liberals still sing the same tired, old song: redistribute wealth and spend tax dollars on fighting the climate monster or we are all going to die. 

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Now there is a new liberal emergency. We are supposed to believe that suddenly there is some new class of victims called transgenders that must either have their own private restrooms or be allowed to use restrooms meant for the opposite sex. The radical activists tell us that if we don’t let crossdressers into women’s restrooms and locker rooms now, somehow the crossdressers will be scarred for life. No matter that throughout history, women have had the right to privacy in these private spaces. Now suddenly the rights of 158 million American women to privacy are dwarfed by the desires of a small handful of sexual deviants. 

Liberal gay activists even invent new names for crossdressers. They say we can’t call them crossdressers or sexual deviants anymore. We are supposed to refer to this new victim class as transgenders, and we must use liberally approved pronouns when addressing a transgendered individual, or else. 

Liberal activists are even trying to pass laws that punish those of us who refuse to use the new required pronouns and join in on the game of dress up and pretend. And that is what this is. It is all a game of make believe because there is really no such thing as transgender, any more than there are man-made climate monsters, trans-species or trans-aged individuals. 

The definition for transgender is “Denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity does not correspond with their biological gender.” Liberals’ contention is that simply imagining that you are the opposite sex overcomes your chromosomal makeup and changes your biological gender. Obviously this is patently absurd and totally impossible. There is nothing mentally or physically that can be done to change your chromosomes, and therefore your gender. Even if they take the next step and surgically alter themselves and pump themselves full of hormones, the chromosomes cannot be changed. They are what they were born to be. Nothing will ever change that.

Changing your gender is as impossible as changing your age. You may wish to be a woman so you can bid as a woman-owned company and get federal preferences when bidding Federal Government contracts. But the folly in such a bizarre policy is clear to most of us. you may wish to change your age so you can draw Social Security early, but you can’t think yourself in to becoming a senior citizen no matter how much you may wish to do so. It is impossible to change from a 25-year-old male to a 70-year-old female, even if you think you are a 70-year-old female.

It was troubling recently when we saw a few social workers and our own Chief of Police throw logic out of the window, and buy in to these magical transformations. Along with a few other Chiefs of large, liberal cities, Chief McManus came out against the bathroom bill. They rejected thousands of years of accepted norms, where it has been a given that we protect the privacy of our women. 

Like lemmings, one followed the other, and they all repeated almost the same words putting the gay agenda over women’s rights to privacy. We heard over and over that the Senate bill was just a solution looking for a nonexistent problem. The obvious implication was that letting these sexual deviants into women’s private spaces is not a real problem. Most Americans, including most women I know, would beg to disagree. They ironically missed the point that the problem should be nonexistent because magically transgendered people don’t exist, not because men in women’s restrooms and locker rooms are not a problem. 

Each liberal speaker dutifully repeated that we don’t need such a law because there have never been any issues.  They totally missed the point that a woman’s right to use the restroom without a man present is an issue. They further alleged that there is no danger because no woman or child has ever been molested by a crossdressing sexual deviant in a restroom. I’m not sure who has been keeping these statistics on restrooms that allowed them to be so sure about this, but I am pretty sure that the answer is nobody. Additionally, this entire push for men to be able to use women’s restrooms is a new and unwelcome phenomenon. In years past, no one saw this bunk as normal or accepted. No one would have allowed men to go in to the ladies room in the first place. So it is disingenuous to now claim that we have decades of precedent. They chose to ignore this little fact.

Another often repeated phrase was that we could not afford to post police at the door of every restroom, as if anyone had suggested such a preposterous thing. They were obviously not interested in solutions or reasonable dialogue. They preferred meaningless soundbites like this to sell their pro-gay agenda.

I was also amused to hear Police Chief McManus say that the bathroom bill would force women to go into men’s rooms. It took me a minute to figure out his twisted logic. What he meant was that these crossdressing males are really women and would be forced to use the men’s room. Oh, the horror! So he has completely bought in to this absurd liberal myth that men can think and dress themselves into becoming actual women, and he thinks that they should therefore have full access to ladies rooms.

It is time to put the comfort and safety of our families first and return to common-sense policies that have served us well for centuries. Let’s close the door on this radical notion of allowing men in ladies rooms.

Allen Tharp is President of the San Antonio Tea Party.


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  1. Lisa Nilsson  August 2, 2017 at 10:22 pm

    Well said! Thank you Mr. Tharp for having the courage to point out the lunacy and illogical thinking of the liberal, post modernist LGBTQ agenda. This is really a battle for Truth and tradition over a relative worldview that claims there is no truth (gender is fluid). This thinking will open a Pandora’s box of crazy policies that will destroy our nation.

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