The Answer to Gun Violence is Not Getting Rid of Guns…The Answer is to Change Our Culture

If There Was Just a Law Against Murder, These Tragedies Wouldn’t Have Happened. Right?

The Answer to Gun Violence is Not Getting Rid of Guns…The Answer is to Change Our Culture


By J. Allen Tharp

By J. Allen Tharp

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I started the first show by taking time to address the horrific mass shooting that occurred in Vegas because I know we were all shocked by what happened. Our hearts go out to all the families of the injured and deceased.

Liberals though didn’t even wait for the dead to be buried before they seized on this as an opportunity to push their anti-2nd amendment campaign and to politicize the Vegas atrocity. Never let a crisis go to waste. 

If There Was Just a Law Against Murder, These Tragedies Wouldn’t Have Happened. Right? They do this every time because their real goal is to revoke your 2nd amendment rights, but they know that it would be impossible to get 38 states to ratify a repeal of the 2nd amendment. Since there is no way they can repeal the 2nd amendment, they jump on these tragedies and try to gin up all this anti-gun, anti-Constitution sentiment. 

Their arguments are all based strictly on feelings and devoid of facts. They always insist that it is time for anti-gun legislation to pass, even if it violates the 2nd amendment. The fact is that you can’t repeal a Constitutional amendment with legislation. But that fact seems to escape them.

Their answer is always to pass more laws to stop the lawless from breaking our laws. Really? 

Gosh, if there was just a law against murder, these tragedies wouldn’t have happened. Right? Oh, murder is already illegal? Well, I guess that won’t help then.

Also, it’s already illegal to modify a semiautomatic weapon to full auto or to break hotel windows or to violate city noise ordinances, all things that the shooter did in Vegas. So, since criminals obviously don’t follow the law, it seems pointless to pass more laws that only the law-abiding will follow. 

Then, as usual, liberals said let’s restore the assault weapons ban, although that ban has been tried before and didn’t work. There were more people murdered with rifles during the ban than after it was lifted.

Then they say, let’s decrease the number of guns in America. However, from 1991 to now, the violent crime rate and the murder rate were cut in half, although the number of guns doubled during that time. More guns, less crime involving guns. So, hey, maybe the guns aren’t the problem? 

It’s obvious to me that the real problem is not guns; the problem is that society has changed. 

When I was in school, everyone owned a gun. No one thought anything about driving their pickup onto school grounds with a gun in the gun rack. But nobody shot anybody else. We all carried pocket knives, but no one stabbed anyone. The weapons are the same today as then, but the people are not. No one is accountable for anything anymore.

The answer to gun violence is not getting rid of guns. The answer is to change our culture. If someone is set on mayhem, they have lots of options other than guns. They might fly a plane into buildings and kill 3000 people. They might drive a truck into a crowd and kill 85 like what happened in Paris. They might make a fertilizer bomb and blow up a building, like Tim McVey did. They might make a bomb from a pressure cooker like the terrorist did in Boston. Or they might use a knife. In 2014, the FBI says you were six times more likely to be murdered with a knife than you were with a rifle.

When some lunatic commits mass murder by driving his truck or car into a crowd, you don’t hear calls to ban trucks and autos, because everyone knows it is the driver, not the vehicle that is at fault. Somehow though, logic goes out of the window when a gun is a weapon rather than a vehicle. It reminds me of an analogy that I’m sure you’ve heard before: blaming guns for violence is like blaming forks for a weight problem.

Check out Bill Whittle’s great video that destroys the myth that more guns mean more crime.

He addresses the often repeated liberal lie that America is the murder capital of the world, out of 218 countries and territories.

We do top the list in # of guns owned. We are gun central and have many more guns than any other country: 90 guns for every 100 people. Way ahead of any other country.  In fact, Serbia in second is way behind with only 58 guns per 100 people.

So if the liberal logic is correct that more guns equal more crime, then we should be the murder capital of the world. But we’re not.

Number one is actually socialist Honduras with 90 murders per 100k people, and guns are banned there.

We’re not in second place. We’re not in the top 10. We’re not in the top 20. We’re not even in the top 100. We are # 111 out of 218!  That means our murder rate is in the bottom half of 218 countries and territories.

The per Capita murder rate in America is only 4.7 per 100k people, and that includes heavily gun-controlled Democrat strongholds like Detroit that drive up the rate.

 If liberal Detroit with all its stringent gun laws was a country, they would be in 2nd place, right behind Honduras, with 54.6 murders per 100k people.

On the other end of the spectrum, Plano Texas has relaxed gun laws and a very high gun ownership rate, but it only has a 0.4 murder rate per 100k people. If Plano was a country, they would be 211 out of 218.  That is ¼ of Belgium’s murder rate at 1.6 per capita murders.

So, what do you think?  Please post your comments below on our SATP website and the Allen Tharp Show Facebook page.

What are your thoughts? Is there something Congress should be doing to make us safer?

The same Congress that enables Iran to get nuclear weapons but wants to limit our access to guns.

Would longer wait times have stopped the Vegas atrocity?

Should Congress limit the number of guns citizens can have?

Should Congress ban bump stocks, and would that really make any difference in the crime rate?


Allen Tharp is President of the San Antonio Tea Party.



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  1. Bobbie Mueller  October 10, 2017 at 3:20 pm

    It takes dcades to change the culture. That means Bible studies, teaching parenting skills, in high school or before, changing the arts, music, movies etc to non violent, non-sexually explicit themes, to returniñg to belief in God as the Creator, accepting Jesus as His son, who took upon himself the sins so that we are forgiven and we cän be filled with the Holy Spirit. Then we will feel the love and a new beginning. In the meantime we should recognize we are a Christian nation and a lawful one. Guns are a tool of protection, as a Christian , we recognize evil exists and we have a right and duty to protect ourself and our loved ones.

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