The Board and Members of the San Antonio Tea Party

Viviano_jpg_he4ru1The San Antonio Tea Party Board of Directors is the managing body of this grass roots organization. The Board operates as a planning committee for most of the events of the supporters. These are educational programs on issues, training programs for social media using (Twitter or Facebook) and training programs for involvement in the political process as in training on how to become a precinct chair or how to successfully do block walking. The Board also hosts periodic meetings for the supporters and organizers. The board keeps the supporters aware of these programs or meetings by using Twitter, Facebook, emails and its website. The Board also publishes electronic newsletters (The Revere Report and Strike Zone -Call to Action) for its supporters. The Board does mailings and has purchased radio spots to promote the activities of the San Antonio Tea Party. The Board is continually adapting to the changes in the media and attempting to improve the message of its goals to the all peoples. The Board also is in communications with other organizations for message, coordination on issues and support. The San Antonio Tea Party is a non-partisan organization; the message is to the liberal, the conservative, and the democrat and republican parties. The Board tries to reach them all for the purpose of promoting the message of Liberty. The message of Liberty is personified as Personal Freedom, Economic Freedom, and Debt Freedom through fiscal responsibility. Messaging is important as this is what the non-supporter sees or hears about the San Antonio Tea Party.

The Message of Liberty program is an attempt to develop an inclusive message that creates an emotional link or bond that our supporters as well as non-supporters can support. To help in this effort the Board has a Director of Media to help manage this important function. The only person who can speak to the media for the San Antonio Tea Party (SATP) is the assigned Director or someone who has received official permission to speak for the SATP. If you have any questions, please contact the assigned Director. The San Antonio Tea Party Board is responsible to insure compliance with on all legal requirements be these State or Federal. The Board makes sure all Board meetings are conducted within the bylaws, and the San Antonio Tea Party complies with the Charter as a 501(C)(4) as defined by the IRS. To help the board with these issues, it has hired an accounting firm to make sure all financial activity comports with standard accounting practices and has hired a legal firm to help guide the board on legal questions that come up from time to time. The board works hard to insure all of the activities approved by the board comply with these requirements. It is also important one understands the liability one assumes as a Board member. The Board is responsible for its actions. The San Antonio Tea Party Board is also responsible to its supporters. The San Antonio Tea Party is a grass roots organization and has a network of interest groups that it supports. There are two types of interest groups. These are defined as either geographical or by a specific subject of interest to its supporters.

A geographical group provides convenience for supporters within a defined area to meet. These are generally known as the Neighborhood Groups and information on where and when these groups meet is on the San Antonio Tea Party website calendar. CLICK HERE.

Some supporters have a passion for a specific issue. Examples include supporters wanting to restrict the power of the central government and those with an interest in immigration or transportation or some other matter or issue. These issue-based groups can receive support from the Board by agreeing to the parameters as described within the “Tiger Team” program. Support will vary but will normally include website space and encouragement. If it is a “hot” Board issue this may include meeting space, funding, and other board resources. The Board members are no secret and can be found by simply accessing the San Antonio Tea Party website. There is a biographical sketch on all the board members with a picture of each. Board members come and go. The Board needs a minimum number to operate. Positions need to be filled as Board members exit. Sometimes a departing member will recommend a replacement. Sometimes the Board will ask a member of the community with a needed talent or Board need to join the Board. More often, supporters will ask to be considered for a Board position.

It is the responsibility of the Board to make sure all Board member candidates support the mission and charter of the San Antonio Tea Party. It is the responsibility of the Board to populate the Board with a cross section of talent that meets the needs of the Board. It is the responsibility of the Board to screen the candidates for negative publicly available information that would bring discredit or harm the San Antonio Tea Party. So if you have a passion for the San Antonio Tea Party mission, if you have talent and want to work hard for the cause, if you feel you will bring credit to the San Antonio Tea Party, submit your application. All applications will be considered. The application process is simple. Your application will be reviewed, there will be a background check, and you will have to attend a board meeting, where you will be subjected to a question and answer session. The Board will review your potential contributions and how this fits within the goals of the Board. Your efforts and contributions at our functions or other activities, where the Board members meet you, get to know you and see you in action will help.

While there is no limit on the maximum size of the Board, there is a practical number to get things done. We seem to work best with about seven to twelve Board members. The term for a Board member is twelve months based on a calendar year. The member may continue to serve for additional terms based on the needs of the Board. A member may be removed for any reason by majority vote of the Board at any scheduled meeting. Since most of the members work, we also meet early in the day. Our monthly meetings start at 7AM and generally run for about an hour and a half. Sometimes they are longer. Once in a while, the Board will meet at other times to resolve some issue. All Board members are encouraged to attend the Neighborhood and Tiger Team meetings. If you have a question about the Board function or members be sure to ask any Board member.

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