The Lure of a Free Lunch is Strong and Enticing

Just because something might be desirable or even necessary does not make it a right

The Lure of a Free Lunch is Strong and Enticing
By Allen Tharp

By Allen Tharp

In this election year we are hearing a lot about which rights we are entitled to by many who have no understanding of the subject, whatsoever. Indoctrinated students, who own nothing but their liberally biased opinions, eagerly buy in to the promises of politicians who offer them everything for free. The lure of a free lunch is strong and enticing, no matter how impossible.

Politicians trump up nonexistent rights to things like free college education and free health care. Then they campaign on promises they can never keep and have no right to offer. Only the politicians win: They get the votes, but the gullible student never actually gets the free ride they were promised.  The elusive free lunch is always just around the next corner, after the next election. Keep following the carrot.

You would be amazed at how many young folks working for me once believed the passage of Obamacare meant they were going to have free health care. After it was implemented they found out that there was no free health care. All they really got was a mandate to pay for health insurance, a reduced work schedule, and a smaller paycheck. Now many of them see that being forced by the Federal Government to purchase insurance was really the intent, and that this is a long way from really having health care coverage. Maybe those students who want free college should take heed and learn from the past. The free lunch is never quite as promised.

A big part of the problem is that many do not understand which rights they actually are entitled to, as opposed to what is just wishful thinking. This is unfortunate because the distinction is simple and readily available to those who look to the Constitution for the answer. We are a Constitutional Republic, and our rights are clearly defined therein.  There obviously is no Constitutional right to either a free college education or free health care. If enough citizens want those things to become rights, they must go through the process in Article V and amend the Constitution before those things become rights. It seems clear to me that neither of these items would have a snowball’s chance in hell of being ratified, but that is the only way they can become rights. Just calling something a right does not make it so.

Also, just because something might be desirable or even necessary does not make it a right either. If we had the right to things like free health care or free college, then why not free water, food, housing, and transportation? We certainly have a right to provide those things for ourselves, but there is no Constitutional basis for availing ourselves of those things through the Federal Government and no obligation for Peter to pay for Paul.  Even the Bible says that he who does not work does not eat.

Imagine the endless morass we would find ourselves in if we followed the liberal logic through to its logical conclusion: you need it, so it is your right to it. There would be no end. How quickly would we collapse the economy if our already bankrupt government also provided free housing, water, food, and automobiles to all?  It kind of makes you wonder where the right to free cell phones was in the Constitution.

Another point I want to emphasize is that even if you have a right to something, that does not mean you have the right to have it for free. Take guns for example, under the 2ndamendment we do have a right to bear arms. However, can we also deduce that we must be provided our sidearms for free by the Federal Government? It would certainly make more sense to argue that something guaranteed by the Constitution should be free over something not guaranteed under the Constitution. However, unlike those who argue that their every need should be provided free of charge by someone else, most of us gun owners are perfectly content to buy our own.

Allen Tharp is President of the San Antonio Tea Party.

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