The Third GOP Debate

We’re used to seeing typical liberal bias exhibited when the media questions Republicans, but this time the bias rose to the level of just being absurd.

By Allen Tharp

By Allen Tharp

Most of us that watched the third 2015 GOP debate last week were appalled at the CNBC moderator’s performance.  We’re used to seeing typical liberal bias exhibited when the media questions Republicans, but this time the bias rose to the level of just being absurd.  The moderators were so misinformed; the questions were so bizarre, and the snark was so obvious, that the whole thing struck me as being pathetic but also humorous.  I couldn’t even take offense though because the moderators were so outclassed by most of the candidates.

Only a few candidates in the “big boy” debate did poorly.  In my opinion, John Kasich by far performed the worst.  He came across as a screechy liberal who would have fit in better on the Democrat stage.  Jeb Bush never does well, and lived down to the expectations.  He could also probably fit in well on the Democrat stage and appears much like a different version of Charley Crist.

I was not impressed with Rubio and never have been, but he did fare better then Kasich and Bush.  I don’t shrug off the allegations made about him being an absentee Senator.  His lackadaisical attitude toward his Senate responsibilities is troubling and represents a lack of character.  That combined with his open borders and amnesty history have turned me off to him, forever.

However, despite the ridiculous questions, the rest of the group did fantastic!  Even RINO Chris Christie gave a great performance in the debate and said all the right things.  Of course, we well know that does not mean he would do the right things if elected.

Ted Cruz was the clear winner though.  Trump, Carson, Fiorina, Paul, and Huckabee all did very well in the debate but came in behind Cruz.

The Washington Post even reported that Cruz won the social media in GOP debate. They said that Cruz

Commanded 20 percent of the overall candidate chatter followed by Trump at 15 percent, Carson with 13 percent and Rubio with 12 percent.  Jeb Bush commanded just 8 percent of the media chatter during the debate, while Carly Fiorina, who turned in two previous strong debate performances, drew just 7.5 percent of the mentions — the same share as Christie.

An AMAC poll showed:

Sen. Ted Cruz(57%, 1,618 Votes)

Sen. Marco Rubio(20%, 563 Votes)

Donald Trump(12%, 351 Votes)

Dr. Ben Carson(6%, 162 Votes)

Gov. Chris Christie(2%, 67 Votes)

Carly Fiorina(1%, 42 Votes)

Gov. John Kasich(1%, 18 Votes)

Gov. Mike Huckabee(1%, 15 Votes)

Sen. Rand Paul(0%, 13 Votes)

Gov. Jeb Bush(0%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,851

The thing that amazes me is that the feckless RNC keeps making the same mistakes over and over, election after election.We saw the same thing happen in the last presidential election, with liberls allowed to moderate supposedly conservative debates.  This practice flopped in the previous election, , and it flopped in 2015.  Not only did the candidates get the short end of the stick, but the voters failed to get the badly needed specific content of the GOP candidates plans.  It is time the RNC protects both the interest of the  candidates and the voters by using well informed, conservative moderators who can dig down on issues and really inform the electorate regarding the various candidates proposed policies.  It appears that due to a GOP candidate revolt, this may actually happen.


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