This is Your Chance to Tell Them What They Don’t Want to Hear

This is Your Chance to Tell Them What They Don’t Want to Hear

Ed. Note: This is the type of survey that has been crafted to support the position of the authors. The results will be used to state that citizens support whatever the proposed solution is to all of our problems. We can see light rail in several of the items along with more “clean energy,” low-cost housing in all areas of the city, etc.  Looks like Agenda 21 all over again.

Just for grins, I started to take the survey and suddenly had severe gastric distress before I closed it (to protect my keyboard) and got out of there! Finally I went back into their fantasy world and gave them some answers from a Conservative perspective.

We imagine the results of this slick, over-produced survey will be tabulated and used to tout their latest schemes. So how about all you Conservative San Antonians take this survey and give them some unexpected Conservative results?

SA tomorrow

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2 Responses to "This is Your Chance to Tell Them What They Don’t Want to Hear"

  1. GranPaSmurf  March 23, 2016 at 5:01 pm

    Yep. I can imagine “97% of respondents to a recent poll support light rail”
    But if we all feed them some Conservative answers, I can imagine them trashing the whole idea rather than admit we gave them reasoned responses that truly address their topics.

  2. Wallace Knox  March 23, 2016 at 10:13 am

    Clearly written to elicit the answers that the authors desire. Does San Antonio Tomorrow actually expect us to accept this as an unbiased survey? This is so blatant that I can’t even give them credit for having a hidden agenda. These extremists are attempting to deceive San Antonio citizens in order to promote their radical agendas.

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