This Week’s Media Propaganda

This Week’s Media Propaganda
By Allen Tharp

By Allen Tharp

Over the last week, we’ve seen the news media continue to spin and create news rather than report news. Lately, their focus has been primarily on two stories: (1) Ben Carson’s recent comments on how he thinks he might react under attack, and (2) the contest for new House Speaker.

Ben Carson’s statement would not even be newsworthy under any normal circumstances. However, the media chose this opportunity to try to discredit a GOP front runner by misreporting his statements and twisting them into something not even resembling the actual comments.

Responding to a question from a reporter, Carson said that he would attempt to rush an attacker, rather than wait in line to be shot. That seems like a pretty innocuous statement. Certainly many of us feel the same way after 911. In fact, those passengers who stood up against terrorists on that doomed 911 flight that day were lionized and remembered as heroes. But because Carson is a front runner in the GOP primary, the media has twisted his statements to be an attack on the victims of the Mercer shooting. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you had only seen the reporting on Carson’s comments and not his actual reasonable comments themselves, you might think he had really committed a huge gaff; but the supposed gaff was totally fabricated to further the liberal narrative of the “crazy conservative.”

While the news media was engaging in “got you” reporting on Ben Carson, they missed the real Carson story that matters: statements that show he may not be that conservative after all. Carson told CNN that he is open to reviving federal control over state elections through the Voting Rights Act. This is big news! Or at least it should have been. Protecting the sanctity of the ballot box should be of paramount importance to every conservative candidate.

Liberals seek to eliminate honest (one man, one vote) elections where only citizens can vote. Their goals are to prevent verification of eligibility to vote, and Carson buys into it. This is exactly what the race mongers like Obama and Sharpton want and other Democrats want, but we expect better from a GOP presidential candidate.

kevin mcarthyThe media has done the same disservice with the coverage of the Speaker race. From Fox to MSNBC, all the reporting is that chaos reigns in the House. The GOP may self- destruct. The GOP will lose the next election because they are showing they can’t govern. Big RINO, Paul Ryan must come to our rescue. Conservatives want to “burn the house down.” Right-wing radicals will oppose anyone who can unite the House GOP. However, actually there is nothing out of order about selecting a better Speaker.

All of this hysteria is total nonsense. First, Ryan cannot unite the GOP house members. He is not only out of sync with conservatives, he is completely on the other side of the fence. He supported every bailout. He supported Obama’s trade deal. He is still an avid advocate for Obama’s open borders and amnesty immigration plan. He broke the spending caps with the Ryan/Murry plan. He has supported every liberal Boehner initiative. Ryan is no conservative and will continue the Boehner style of management.

Additionally the allegation that House conservatives refuse to work with other GOP to select someone who can get a majority of the GOP house vote is false. Conservatives got behind Daniel Webster for Speaker not because of his conservative credentials but because he promised to decentralize power in the House. They were willing to support Webster who only scores a D on the Heritage scorecard because, unlike Ryan, Webster could appeal to both sides since he committed to change how the House operates. That seems like a very reasonable position. No conservative was trying to “burn the house down.”

Of course, terms like burn the house down are just establishment code speak for not supporting liberal policies and liberal candidates.

Allen Tharp is President of the San Antonio Tea Party

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