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Feb 10, 2015 

If you missed last Saturday’s General Meeting, you missed a boatload of good information! The Lion and Rose was nearly packed with Patriots who are getting charged up to take action on a number of fronts. With the sound and images of the speakers going throughout the L&R loud speakers and flat screen TVs, no one had a bad seat.

Look for information on training for True the Vote, the Center for Self-Governance and other opportunities to take part in, such as supporting UBER/Rideshare in San Antonio, “Catch the Spark” concert on May 2 with Madison Rising, and reports on Lt Gov Dan Patrick’s Grassroots Advisory Board.
Heritage Action and Empower Texans were on hand to guide us through their programs and advise how we can help each other achieve our goals. With interest increasing in social media use, look for another basic training class coming up from Americans for Prosperity on how to use Twitter and Facebook more effectively.
And, with the 84th Texas Legislature in session, there will be Calls to Action for your help and support, so please be ready to pitch in where you can! Getting more friends, family, and co-workers involved would be good, too!
Don’t forget to get out the vote for the Senate District 26 and House District 123 Runoff Races this week during Early Voting and on Feb 17th, Election Day!

Yours in Liberty,

Tom Shumaker
VP, Communication
Feb 9, 2015
We have a bill in the Texas House now–HJR 77 for the Convention of States Article V application. Three states have already passed a bill, and there are dozens more in session with a process already launched. The arguments, pro and con, are being addressed and movement is coming to get a Senate sponsor in the Texas legislature.
Viviano Rodriguez has taken up the task of delineating the role, makeup and function of the San Antonio Tea Party’s Board of Directors. The question arises from time to time on who is on the Board and how did they get selected.   See his article here:
There is hope for change coming if we keep the flame of liberty alive in these times when all seems to be going in the wrong direction. Whoever said it is always darkest just before the dawn had it right.
For many young Texans, until last month Rick Perry was the only governor they had ever known. Vast numbers of Americans now of voting age have no recollection of President Ronald Reagan. Yet, in Perry’s words, the next two years could produce a revival in the United States that will take us forward into an age of Freedom and Prosperity envisioned by the Reagan Revolution.
Feb 3, 2015
Among our lineup of speakers for our Feb 7 General Meeting were Steve Baysinger, our representative on the Lt Gov’s Grassroots Advisory Board, Wade Miller, Regional Coordinator for Heritage Action, and Dustin Matocha, Executive Director for Empower Texans.
They discussed ideas and actions that we, as individuals and a group, can take to affect what is going on locally, in Texas, and nationally.With the Texas Legislature in session already this year, there are many proposals that deserve top legislative priority, such as Texas’ application to Congress for a Convention of States under Article V of the Constitution.
Others are a proposed bill relating to the application of foreign laws recently introduced by Representative Jeff Leach, HB562, the Texas American Laws for American Courts (ALAC) Bill. Another is Senator Donna Campbell’s Taxpayer Savings Grants bill SB 276, relating to School Choice.  
For us to have impact on these bills and others of special interest to us as Conservatives, we need to know how to act, when to act, and where to act to be effective. This Saturday’smeeting will help answer those questions and give some direction to our efforts for maximum effect.


Yours in Liberty,

Tom Shumaker
VP, Communication
Feb 2, 2015
One of our own, Steve Baysinger, a San Antonio Tea Party Board member, was selected for Lt Gov Dan Patrick’s Grassroots Citizens Advisory Board. Steve joins Conservative activists from around Texas on this important committee and will represent us well.
“We warned you” was a bold slogan when we first selected it for an SATP bumper sticker. With tax filing season getting started, millions of taxpayers affected by the Affordable Care Act’s provisions are learning the hard way what we meant. We should use this as an opportunity to convince many of them to join us in our quest for a debt-free future, economic and personal freedoms now that they will be more open to those messages.
Smart Meters are back in the news again. An Illinois woman protested the installation of one and was arrested as her electric company forcibly installed one over her objections. This assault on personal freedoms is hitting consumers all over the country. Stay informed on this issue and be prepared.
Every American citizen deserves and should have the opportunity to work before illegals are given work permits. Not only do they jump the line, bypassing those legally attempting to come here to live and work, they are jumping the line for jobs, deflating wages, and taking economic freedom from legal citizens. The elections in November proved that the voters want this stopped, but it seems a welcome mat is being put out for illegals.

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