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Finally, Some Pushing Back Against Big Government In D.C.

Ed. Note: At last, someone in Washington D.C. is pushing back against government regulations! While the weather and the usual snow jobs continue, like-minded citizens from both parties are fighting against dumb decrees that are putting individual freedoms at risk. Republished from, by Michael Hausam, March 9, 2015. There was yet another stunning display […]

Policy Focus: King v. Burwell

Ed. Note: An important case that could decide the fate of Obamacare, King v. Burwell, comes before the United States Supreme Court this Wednesday, March 4. The Tea Party Patriots will be joined by other grassroots organizations on the steps of the Supreme Court that morning to show their opposition to the mandates and fines […]

Stop Smart Meters!

Stop Smart Meters!

Ed. Note: Corruption and backroom dealing in California surrounding that state’s Smart Meter program? How could that possibly be? And then the VP of Regulatory Relations at Pacific Gas & Electric in that state suggests anyone who has health problems brought on by these new meters should take Prozac! Really? Republished from, by Josh Hart, MSc, February […]

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