Vote No on Collins Gun Bill

Re OPPOSE Susan Collins Gun Control Bill


Dear Senator _______:

Please vote AGAINST Senator Collins’ Gun Control Bill.

The bill gives Attorney General, Loretta Lynch power to deem who has and who does not have 2ndAmendment rights without due process. Collins’ bill empowers the AG to deny gun sales to those on the No Fly List. No public official should ever have the power to take away the constitutional rights of any citizens without due process.

Due process rights are vital to our constitutional government. Rather than presuming guilt and denying Americans their 2nd Amendment rights, lawmakers should debate and vote on counterterrorism measures that would actually keep us safe.

Susan Collins’ Gun Control Bill becomes even more egregious in the light of Loretta Lynch’s attempts as recently as yesterday to mislead the American people with her scrubbing of FBI data on the Orlando shooting. We must never empower political appointees to deny citizens their constitutional rights without due process.

Please VOTE NO on Senator Collins’ Gun Control Bill.


[Your Name]

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