“Vote of no confidence in Speaker Straus”: The Beginning of Organic Activism for Bexar County

This resolution can take on the form of reigniting what some thought was dead but what I think is a living organism for conservatives here in Bexar County.

Contributor Patty Gibbons (see bio below), July 18, 2017. Image credit: images not covered by license

 By Patty Gibbons

Have you ever seen the tree called Wisteria? I would drive by my neighbor’s Wisteria in the winter and think good luck on that dead thing. A Wisteria tree will look like a bare trunk of a tree, like dead wood until spring. In the spring this tree goes full force into blooming. The tree will be completely and utterly covered in lavender floral with a fragrance you cannot deny. Its beauty is worth the wait.

For Bexar County conservative politics, we have become the winter version of a Wisteria tree. Conservative politics suffered a devastating loss in the 2016 election where the county didn’t carry Donald Trump for President and lost sitting judges. With hopes of a fair municipal election, the results were the same—losing the mayor and every city council seat but Districts 6 and 10. The greater loss being District 9: a long-held, well-known conservative district. This district fell on June 6th to democrat and more socialistic-in-nature John Courage. Bexar County politically was on a deathbed.

On Monday, July 10th, just 6 days after Independence Day, at a regular quarterly meeting of the Republican Party Executive Committee (this committee is comprised of all precinct chairs and the Chairman) who met for what was a usual ho-hum meeting of speeches and reports until…

…Precinct Chair Mike O’Donnell organically by a move in his heart stood to make a statement during New Business of the agenda. Mr. O’Donnell presented what is now the infamous “Vote of no confidence in Speaker Straus” resolution. But equally remarkable were the numbers in the room to support such a resolution.

From an unlikely activist during a near “dead” meeting of anything worth noting, this man stands to declare a resolution to support Gov. Greg Abbott and denounce Speaker Straus, a resolution that spoke conservative values. It was as if a season change blew into the room and…spring had sprung!

As conservatives we were withering at the vine to progressive ideals replacing traditional thinking, liberal leanings controlling the debate, and the established republican controlling agendas.

This resolution can take on the form of reigniting what some thought was dead but what I think is a living organism for conservatives here in Bexar County.

Can we take this small motion of movement and grow once again? We have before. With good leadership, commitment to work with each other, training ourselves and data collecting, the tree of activism has the ability to grow and become that sweet smell in the air for the conservative voice once again.

I will be working toward this effort, you will see and hear me around the city participating where I can to develop our politics again for conservative causes and candidates. Follow me and follow others and show up where they are, engage yourself and engage a friend. Through these efforts we can fertilize the growth of who we are: Conservatives!


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Patty Gibbons Began her political career in1988 and was part of the beginning of what would become the Christian Coalition movement in 1992. She and her husband were precinct chair and trainers for this conservative Christian movement into the Bexar county Republican Party. In 2012 She was voted by her peers to serve on the Management Committee for the Republican Party of Bexar County and as Chairwoman for the Precinct Organization Committee. Patty ran for interim Bexar County Chairwoman and recently was Candidate for City Council District 9 she has served on 2 city boards. Patty and her husband are the owners of Gibbons Surveying & Mapping since 1991 and together have 6 children and 7 grandchildren.

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