Voter Fraud Happens

Our right to vote is the most basic right we have because it protects all our other rights. Strong voter ID laws are a simple, effective way to prevent fraud.

By Allen Tharp

By Allen Tharp

Protecting the one-man, one-vote rule is crucial to prolonging the life of our society.  What if you took the time to fulfill your civic duty and go to the polls to cast your one vote, but your vote didn’t count because someone else less ethical than you had cast multiple votes for the opposing candidate? Well, it is happening, and it is happening far more than some would like us to believe

Ensuring the integrity of elections by preventing voter fraud has become even more important in an era with large segments of the population who believe that the ends justify the means. Lying and cheating have become acceptable modes of behavior in some circles and seem to be especially prevalent with the hard left. They lie about man-made climate change and then cheat to make computer models to support their preconceived, erroneous conclusions. They lie about police/citizen interaction and then continue to perpetrate those lies, even after they have been proven false. They lie about legislation they want to pass, like Obamacare. They told us it would lower our rates by $2500 per year, but it has tremendously increased the cost of health coverage. My company’s health coverage cost just increased by another 30% this year on the heels of a 30% increase last year. That is a 60% increase in two years, which is far above the average 5% increases I used to see prior to Obamacare.

Lying and cheating has become so common nowadays that we have come to expect it. So in this era of liars and cheats, it is insanity to suggest that we should remove all safeguards on our electoral system. The bipartisan Commission on Federal Election Reform, headed by former president Jimmy Carter and former secretary of State James Baker, even concluded, “The electoral system cannot inspire public confidence if no safeguards exist to deter or detect fraud or to confirm the identity of voters.” That commission recommended stronger photo-identification requirements at the polls, contrary to the leftist narrative we hear today. They said that Americans must show photo identification for all kinds of day-to-day activities, such as cashing checks or entering government buildings.

The many photo ID requirements we encounter in our daily lives are legitimate, effective security measures. Securing the ballot box is just as important.

Voter Fraud Does Happen 

The Heritage Foundation has cataloged many recent instances of voter fraud across the nation in a new voter fraud database.

Notorious examples include former Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White, who listed his ex-wife’s home address as his primary home in order to vote and be paid as a councilman in a district he did not reside in. Or Butch Morgan Jr., who received a year in prison after forging over 200 signatures of registered voters with co-conspirators on the petition to place Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the Indiana Democratic Primary ballot in 2008.

Even the U.S. Supreme Court said in the Indiana voter ID case, that the United States has a long history of voter fraud that has been documented by journalists and historians.

Voter fraud is rampant here in Texas as well.  Greg Abbott said, “In Texas, evidence of voter fraud abounds. In recent years, my office has secured more than 50 voter fraud convictions. Those include a woman who voted in place of her dead mother, a political operative who cast ballots for two people, and a city councilmember who registered foreign nationals to vote in an election decided by 19 votes.” Voter fraud is hard to detect, so cases like these are just the tip of the iceberg.

In San Antonio a woman was accused of submitting ballots for all the dead people in a cemetery that she owned. It seems that dead folks really like Democrats and always vote that way.

In Indiana, a voter fraud case is currently going through the system involving an officer of the law. He was arrested in his home on charges of official misconduct, forgery, voter fraud, and ghost employment. He has been charged with 13 felony counts.  He was trying to get his father elected to the city council. So he allegedly filled out absentee ballot applications for people who were not even eligible to vote in the election and then voted with these ballots after he received them from election officials.  The Indiana State Police Department say he forged the signatures of the supposed voters on some of the documents before turning them into the Ohio County, Ind., clerk’s office.

There are many thousands more cases of voter fraud that could be included here, but I think the point has been made.

Our right to vote is the most basic right we have because it protects all our other rights. Strong voter ID laws are a simple, effective way to prevent fraud. History also shows that voter turnout has increased after voter ID laws were enacted, and because Texas provides Voter ID cards free of charge, no Texan’s voting rights could be affected.

Allen Tharp is President of the San Antonio Tea Party.


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2 Responses to "Voter Fraud Happens"

  1. GranPaSmurf  December 2, 2015 at 7:48 am

    Al, SATP has only a few overworked volunteers, none of whom have the skills or time to launch into such an investigation.
    You, however seem to be a perfect investigator for what you describe.
    My suggestion is that you gather together what you can find online then write an article for us to publish.
    Maybe we can strike a cord with others who will pick up the idea and run with it.
    From my personal experience as an Election Judge here in Bexar County, I doubt such a undertaking is possible. The machines are guarded scrupulously. I would say that never are they left in the presence of only a single person. There are always at least 2 workers, usually more. I guess it is possible that 2 or more could conspire to ‘fix’ some of the machines, but I just don’t believe it could happen here.

  2. Al Cordes  November 19, 2015 at 6:58 pm

    The almost perfect crime of the 2012 election needs to be investigated.
    Republicans were understandably shocked when President Obama won every swing state save NC in the 2012 election in spite of the ACA, the soaring Debt and the treachery at Ben Ghazi.

    As a long time computer programmer, I have always been concerned about the validity of the digital voting machines. When the Philadelphia results of all 176,000 votes going to the president were broadcast later that night, my suspicions were aroused. Of course, the press immediately waded in and said that only 2 Republican voters were registered in this area and one had moved away and the other was really a Democrat. In conclusion, the press said that “Romney was hated by all the voters and they would not have voted for him” so get over it. And they moved on.
    When Rush Limbaugh announced, “If you Republicans had voted for Romney like you did for McCain in 2008, Romney would have won the election. “ Romney received 5 million fewer votes than McCain. This made no sense to me at all. All the Republicans I knew were mad as hell and could not wait to vote.
    It is widely known the Diebold voting machines use the technique of deleting all personal information from each voting record stored to maintain the privacy of each voter. While this protects the voter, this safeguard does not protect the election results. Given access to the Diebold system, a computer programmer can switch votes without a trace.
    I used Google to find 2 interesting articles by the Huffington Post written prior to the 2012 elections. The first article explained how a programmer given access to the Diebold system could switch votes without a trace. The second article explained how a low cost electronic device inserted into these Diebold voting machines would provide remote access to a programmer. (This allows switching after the polls are closed. Isn’t that great?)
    Then, it became rather obvious that Philadelphia was the tip of the vote switching iceberg. Obviously, the programmer made an error when he switched votes without checking if Romney’s votes would go to zero. A zero count is an improbable scenario at best, but almost statistically impossible in all 57 precincts. After reading the Huffington Post articles, I could understand why the press rushed into Philadelphia to quell any suggestions of dishonesty.
    I submit someone in your organization or get Fox News to investigate the Philadelphia results and the track down the remote devices inserted into the Democratic precinct machines that caused this vote switching fraud. The Republican Party apparently is digitally challenged and will not hear of it.
    Here is a suggestion to prevent this from happening in the future. Since almost everyone has a cell phone, the Republican Party should develop an APP to record a voter’s choices while in the poll booth. Then store them in a QR code to be sent to the Republican headquarters for an indelible record of Republican votes. This would provide a private audit trail so Republican votes could not be switched without detection.

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