We Have Not Yet Passed Tax Freedom Day

AllenTharp-float-croppedBy Allen Tharp, April 18, 2005

We have made it through April 15th, but we have not yet passed Tax Freedom Day.  Tax Freedom Day is the first day of the year on which working Americans have theoretically earned enough to pay their taxes.  This year, Tax Freedom Day lands on April 24th or 114 days in to the year. That is 114 days that we have been working for the government, and almost $5 trillion paid in local, state, and federal taxes.  About $3.3 trillion was paid in federal taxes alone.

Americans will collectively spend more on taxes this year than we have spent on food, clothing, and housing combined.  More taxes were imposed and collected this year from productive Americans than ever in history, yet the insatiable politicians want even more.  Each year Tax Freedom Day moves further in to the year as the tax burden  increases.

Government has grown so far beyond its Constitutional and logical limits, that it is choking the very society it was designed to protect.  Debt accumulated by D.C.  politicians has become perhaps the biggest danger to our long term survival as a nation.

Amazingly the national focus is not on eliminating the crushing debt and taxes. It is not on implementing term limits on elected officials.  It is not on limiting bills to only one subject, so they can be read and understood.

Instead, the national focus by the national media  and politicians is on whether we have to bake cakes for gay weddings.  It is on creating a false narrative that your race or gender makes you a victim.  This misplaced focus on the absurd is like pontificating about what stations should be on your radio, while barreling toward an oncoming train.

While there is no hope that Washington will change and fix itself, there is hope that the states and the people will stand up and reclaim their rightful place in the hierarchy, as sovereign states and beings who have the right to arrest control from a runaway federal government and save this nation.

The mechanism to accomplish this was provided to us by the founders in Article V of the Constitution.  Article V gives states the ability to override every branch of the federal government providing that 2/3 of the states agree.  So, 38 states together are more powerful than the entire Washington complex combined.

The Tea Party is working hard to save our nation and make sure this happens, and it is important that we fiscal conservatives all pull together and stay united in our efforts.  We are making a difference, little by little.  So, please support the San Antonio Tea Party with both your donations and your time. We desperately need both.  Contact me for volunteer opportunities.


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  1. Aggie Mom  April 22, 2015 at 9:43 am

    Thank you, David. You can share the letter on your Facebook page by using this link: http://sanantonioteaparty.us/we-have-not-yet-passed-tax-freedom-day/

  2. David Fuller  April 22, 2015 at 8:33 am

    The first thing I wanted to do is share this letter on my facebook page but couldn’t figure out how to do it.

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