What Presidential Candidates Should Be Talking About If They Want More Voter Support

Americans have had enough of this lunatic asylum Obama has created. That is the frustration that Trump has tapped into.

What Presidential Candidates Should Be Talking About If They Want More Voter Support
By Allen Tharp

By Allen Tharp

It is obvious from the amount of attention and high polling results Trump has garnered that finding the right topics to focus on can be very beneficial to the aspiring candidate’s poll results.  Stopping illegal immigration worked well for Trump because most Americans are sick of politicians who are destroying the future and sovereignty of this country with their open borders policies and their selective enforcement of our laws.

Americans are appalled at how our immigration laws are being ignored by the government whose purpose should be to protect its citizens.  We see bizarre decisions rendered, like the one from the Ninth Circuit that just ruled that we cannot return an illegal alien to Mexico because he is transgendered.  Cities are allowed to ignore immigration laws by the Obama administration.  Destitute, uneducated illegal aliens are invited to invade our country and participate in our overly generous welfare system.  Americans have had enough of this lunatic asylum Obama has created.  That is the frustration that Trump has tapped into.

There are other issues though, besides opposition to illegal immigration, that could illicit just as much support from disgruntled Americans.  Candidates who are seen to be on the same page with American patriots regarding these important hot button issues will also be rewarded by increased support by conservative voters.

Here are a few of those other issues:

1. Limiting the size and scope of the Federal Government.

Serious proposals to decrease the size and scope of the Federal Government would be an easy sell to most Republicans and Libertarians.  The Federal Government has grown so large and unwieldy that it seems no one actually knows just how big it actually is anymore.  The Competitive Enterprise Institute count ranges anywhere from 60 to 316 different agencies.  But USA.gov and BestPlacesToWork.org list 389 separate agencies.  However, at a hearing on June 10 on the federal regulatory Senate Judiciary Committee, Chairman Charles Grassley said, “The Federal Register indicates there are over 430 departments, agencies, and sub-agencies in the federal government.”

There seems to be a lot of confusion about how many Federal agencies actually exist or how many are duplicative, but one thing for sure is that we have more government than we need, and cutting it down to size is popular with taxpayers who vote.

2. The debt ceiling.  Candidates should pledge that they will not sign off on any further increases to the debt ceiling, regardless of what Congress proposes.

Our nation’s on-the-books debt ($18.37 trillion) is already larger than our entire economic output ($17.9 trillion).

With this dangerous level of debt, the debt service (interest on the debt) alone could soon exceed $1 trillion dollars per year as rates increase.  This will not leave funds available for needed Government services to be provided.

However, despite a looming economic crisis on the horizon, Washington keeps adding to the debt each year.  Deficits are projected to increase to over $1 trillion per year, which will be piled on top of the current massive debt.  We have a president who now claims deficits exceeding $400 billion annually are nothing to worry about, although he once accused Bush of being unpatriotic for running such deficits.

A candidate who will refuse to sign off on any further debt increases could find this to be another winning issue.

3.  Law and order. Americans want a president that will encourage and restore the rule of law.

Under the Obama administration, we have seen the institutionalization of lawlessness.  Our Constitution is ignored except when it serves the purposed of the oligarchs, and throughout the land the rule of law no longer applies equally to everyone.  Political bias in the application of law has become expected, as we see cases like Obama’s IRS targeting conservatives and getting away with it.  America has become an oligarchy in which the President down to the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, judges, and even local officials in sanctuary cities decide which laws apply to them and which laws they will not follow.

Americans are not only sick of the new era of lawlessness but also the disrespect for authority and police that has been promoted by the left.  Crime is skyrocketing in urban areas because the police are often being muzzled and criminals are lead to believe they should be free from the consequences of their illegal actions.  Urban youth are taught that they are victims of white oppression and therefore bear no personal responsibility for their actions or their positions in life.

They have been encouraged to feel justified in ignoring orders and even attacking police officers, who they are told are racist oppressors.

In addition to this huge increase in the crime rate, we are seeing police being disrespected in ways never before seen in the USA.   Recently an Arby’s manager was terminated and an employee was suspended for refusing to serve a police officer because they felt resentful toward the police.

We have amazingly seen rioters and looters brazenly continue their criminal activities right in front of the media and the police in Ferguson, Baltimore, and elsewhere.  Pre-Obama, this was nearly unheard of.

The Black Lives Matter group and other anarchist radicals have been allowed to publicly threaten police and block traffic with impunity.

In Houston a police officer, Darren Goforth, was just shot in the back, while filling up with gas, by a black thug who felt totally justified in the murder of an innocent officer.  The thug was then publicly praised by the Black Lives Matter movement and another self-proclaimed black supremacist who released a video saying, “It is open season on killing white people and crackas.”  But not a peep from Obama, who is so quick to demagogue any alleged attack by whites on blacks.  America has never before seen such disgusting bias from their President.

Far too many drivers are now regularly refusing to cooperate with the police during traffic stops. They perceive every stop as a civil rights violation. One woman recently refused to roll down her window claiming that Obama says they do not have to cooperate with the police.  The officer had to break her window to take her into custody.

Americans will favor a president they believed could restore sanity in America by empowering the police to do their jobs again and deal appropriately with these thugs.

Candidates who are perceived as able to restore America to pre-Obama status are what conservative voters are yearning for.

4.  Our next president needs to support a flat tax or a fair tax. 

The flat tax must be a one-tier tax with no exemptions. Otherwise, we are just leaving the door open to further manipulation by politicians, who use the tax code to garner votes.  Lifer says the way to fix our economy is to lower rates, broaden the tax base, and implement a flat tax, spending restraint, sound money, free trade, and minimal regulations.  Then he says, “Get out of the way and let the economy take care of itself.”

If it is a fair tax that is implemented; instead, it must be done without prebates.  Otherwise, we again leave the door open to political manipulation.

The policies above will resonate with conservative voters—and, more importantly, if adopted they can turn our economy around.  Just like Reagan brought America back from the terrible Carter economic slump, the next president may be able to pull us out of the Obama economic slump—if he can push sound policy as effectively as Obama has pushed bad policy.

Allen Tharp is President of the San Antonio Tea Party.

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  1. Col George Fasching  September 11, 2015 at 12:09 pm

    We are blessed to be led by a visionary leader who clearly sees the challenges confronting our Nation, and the need for courageous action by the candidate annointed to become President of the USA.

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