Yellow Card Project

Yellow Card Project
By Allen Tharp

By Allen Tharp

I would like to introduce everyone to the Yellow Card Project, which is designed to drive the attention of our nation and our lawmakers toward the subjects that truly matter to you and me. The Yellow Card project will be used to force all 2016 candidates for federal office to confront issues that some candidates may prefer to skirt. This project will be a great way to drive the conversation and keep the focus on issues that matter most to us.

These yellow cards contain a set of seven core issues, with questions that candidates need to answer and the American public need to think about. The questions for our candidates will be on the front and the answers on the back.

Yellow Card ProjectThe Tea Party Patriots have done a great job with this program and have all the resources you need to make it happen, starting with a Yellow Card app you need to download on your phone. There are versions for both IPhone and Android. Next there are videos we will link to on the Tea Party Patriots site that fully explain the project.

In keeping with our goals to promote personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt-free future, the following seven issues were selected by Tea Party leaders across the country.

o    Term Limits
o    Penny Plan
o    Tax Reform

Enact term limits for all Members of Congress

“Will you work to pass and ratify a Constitutional Amendment establishing term limits for Congress?”

End the Congressional special exemption from Obamacare

“Will you sign an Executive Order overturning the Office of Personnel Management ruling that
allows Members of Congress to receive illegal premium subsidies?”

Support the Penny Plan

“Will you introduce and work to pass a budget based on the Penny Plan, which calls for spending
one penny less for every dollar spent by the federal government in the previous year?”

Repeal Obamacare

“Will you sign a bill that repeals in its entirety the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act?”

Enforce our immigration laws

“Will you implement the biometric Entry/Exit Visa system mandated by law?”

Enact meaningful tax reform

“Will you introduce and work to enact a tax reform plan that makes the tax code
simpler, flatter, and fairer?”

Defeat Common Core and other federal education programs

“Will you break the connection between the allocation of federal education funds
and the implementation of Common Core standards?”

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