Yes, it is Better Than a Democrat-Controlled Congress, but Still Weak

...,[with Obamacare] taxpayers have had their taxes raised, and the deficit and debt have been increased with absolutely no benefit gained whatsoever. We want full repeal, and we want it now!

Yes, it is Better Than a Democrat-Controlled Congress, but Still Weak
By J. Allen Tharp

By J. Allen Tharp

We can go in to 2017 with optimism. Things are much better than they could have been if the 2016 election had gone a different way. However, we still have $20 trillion national debt on the books, tons of debt and overspending at the local and state levels, Obamacare still dragging down the economy, and a weak Republican-controlled Congress. Yes, it is better than a Democrat-controlled congress, but still weak.

To demonstrate just how weak Congress is, just look at what they just did with the effort to impeach John Koskinen, the IRS Commissioner. Koskinen participated in a massive coverup of the IRS targeting of conservatives, but Congress just let him off the hook and sided with the tyrannical and abusive IRS bureaucracy over hard-working taxpayers.   Several undependable Republicans teamed up with Democrats, who could not care less about conservative citizens being targeted, and sent the debate back to the Judiciary Committee where it will die when Congress adjourns at the end of 2016. No doubt, Congress would have taken a very different stance had it been them who had personally been targeted.

How can we count on a Congress that intentionally derailed the impeachment of a crooked bureaucrat like Koskinen rather than standing up for conservatives who had been targeted? Unfortunately we can’t.

Last week the GOP-controlled Congress even folded on a water resources bill that will give $170 million to Democrat stronghold, Flint Michigan, and other cities dealing with lead-tainted water in their local water systems. This is a slippery slope that Congress never should have touched.  First, they have no constitutional authority whatsoever to spend taxpayer dollars on such projects. Second, this is nothing more than another transfer of wealth from cities who have acted responsibly to cities who acted irresponsibly with their water resources. Where does this kind of thinking end? Every Democrat-controlled city has financial issues. So, if it makes sense to bail them out on this issue, then it could be argued that we should also bail them out for their overspending on government pension plans and exorbitant welfare subsidies they can’t afford to pay, but pay anyway.

Since we can’t count on Congress doing the right thing on small-ticket items or big-ticket items, it is going to be crucial that we stay focused on the ball and hold their feet to the fire especially on big-ticket items like the repeal of Obamacare. We can’t just assume that they will do it because they said they would and voted to do so over 40 times.  Congress finds it easy to conduct “show votes,” but they find it much less palatable to take meaningful, substantive action when action really can be taken. Far too many Congressmen and Senators are much more interested in going along to get along. The priority for many is protecting their place in the House or Senate, not protecting their constituents from the ravages of harmful agencies like the IRS or harmful laws like Obamacare.

We must stay vigilant and accept nothing less than full repeal of Obamacare. Be forewarned that weak sisters will start trying to crab on their commitment to completely repeal this catastrophe. We have already seen that they are floating balloons about maybe keeping parts of it after all. We do not need the Federal Government involved in our healthcare, and we definitely don’t need them involved in decisions about the type of insurance coverage we can buy.

Let your Congressman know that we don’t want any parts of Obamacare retained. We don’t want the government to force folks who don’t have children up to 26 years old on their plans to pay for those who do—because it costs $1200 each and is a transfer of wealth from one group to another. If you want your 25-year-old “child” on your plan, then you pay for it. I’d rather not. I’ll just keep my money for my own family.

We also don’t want to keep the preexisting conditions federal mandate because that would require the government to continue forcing others to purchase insurance through the individual and employer mandates. Nothing has been more destructive to this country than these job-killing employer mandates and the unconstitutional, burdensome individual government mandates.

No more Federal Government mandates! No penalties for not buying a product we neither want nor need. Let the free market work.

Finally, we need a sense of urgency. Let Congress know we want this done now. Repeal Obamacare now, not next year or next term. Small businesses are hurting and more are closing every month because of the unaffordable costs of the so-called “Affordable Care Act.” As many of you know, I closed another Lion and Rose and another Golden Chick restaurant over the last couple of months because we could not afford to continue to operate under the high costs incurred due to Obamacare. So 100 more jobs just disappeared. Not only the lives of these 100 people who lost jobs are affected, but also the lives of possibly hundreds of other people who rely on them are affected too. This is why there is no time to waste. The harm is real, and more people are hurt every month that Obamacare is allowed to continue. But some weak-kneed Representatives are already saying that repeal may take a year or even maybe three years. Nonsense! Any delay hurts millions of people and cannot be tolerated. In fact, the only reason for a 3-year delay would be so selfish Congressional Representatives could use the carrot of repeal in their next election in 2018. Now is the time to stand up and be counted, not in 2018.

In closing, was there anything good about Obamacare? No. Not one thing. But didn’t it at least help the poor? No. It raised deductibles on the lowest cost Bronze plan to $6,000 per individual and $12,000 per family. So poor Americans were forced by government mandate to purchase a worthless product, because how can a $12,000 deductible be of any value to a poor family? It can’t. And how does penalizing them for not buying this worthless product help them? It doesn’t.

So taxpayers have had their taxes raised, and the deficit and debt have been increased with absolutely no benefit gained whatsoever. We want full repeal, and we want it now!

Allen Tharp is President of the San Antonio Tea Party.

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